Monday, April 07, 2008

Farewell to the Devil and an Inconvenient Truth

I'm about to leave the El Diablo Tranquilo hostel.

I'll lace up my hiking boots, take the shortcut to the bus stop on the track by the beach, eat 2 last empanadas and board a bus for Montevideo.

In Montevideo I'll have a steak dinner at the cafe by the park across from the bus station. Then I'll board another bus to Colonia, where I'll go through customs and board the night ferry to Buenos Aires.

30 hours to see friends.

then a cab ride to the airport. a flight to New York. a bus to New Haven, Connecticut, where my wonderful parents will meet me.

a car ride. a funeral. another car ride.

and i'll be home.

Suffice to say - not much time to write, let alone introduce this awesome article we published today at BNT. Read it. It's good and important.

"The Inconvenient Truth About Green Travel"



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Who died man? Are you coming home for good now? I was just talking about you yesterday with Anthony (I picked him up hitch hiking, surprise right). Let me know when you get back and hopefully all is well!
Tim U

11:05 AM  
OpenID lizrides said...

Safe travels, though you'll be home by the time you read this.

12:33 PM  

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