Friday, March 28, 2008

Volunteer Opportunities In Thailand

Exciting news!

My friends at the Panya Project were just featured in an article on the Travel Channel's website, "Volunteering Goes Green In Thailand".

Even cooler, the article was written by Matador contributor Mei-Ling McNamara.

Mei-Ling leads off with this description of Panya:

"The Panya Project, located near Chiang Mai in the lush region of Northern Thailand, is much more than a sustainable living center.

Founded by Christian Shearer, an American who spent his youth in Thailand, the Panya Project focuses on natural building, organic agriculture and permaculture -- designing human systems based on natural ecosystems. The result brings greater benefits to the land and to the people who work it."

To learn more about other volunteer opportunities in Thailand, including Wildlife Conservation, check out Mei-Ling's full article.

To read my account of life adjacent to Panya in Northern Thailand, check out this article:

"From The Ground Up: Planting Seeds In Northern Thailand"



Blogger aya said...

sounds like a great organization. thanks for the links. i'm off to check them out now...

10:07 AM  

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