Monday, July 09, 2007

Indian Peaks Wilderness

Eating steak and eggs for breakfast with old friends on a sunny morning at 11,500' by the headwaters of a Rocky Mountain creek is pretty much as good as it gets. Three days in the high country, fly-fishing, glissading down glaciers, jumping naked into deep blue lakes and racing thunderstorms across the continental divide.

I'm only back in Boulder for a few hours - just enough time to throw clothes in the wash, stock up on water treatment pills and hit the road again, this time for Montana, where I'll do more fly-fishing and see some buffalo.

Interviews with David Miller, Editor of, and Rolf Potts, Emperor of Vagabonds, will be out soon at Brave New Traveler.

If you want to do some great backcountry camping in the Rockies, check out the Middle St. Vrain wilderness zone in Indian Peaks, just over the Southern edge of Rocky Mountain National Park. We camped by Envy Lake just over the saddle from Gibraltar Lakes in the shadow of the Elk Tooth.



Blogger Julee said...

Ah, sounds pretty relaxing. The second last picture, LOL!

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