Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Foot in Front of the Other

Hello from a Boston sidewalk, where I'm sweating in 90 degree humidity and poaching someone's wireless connection while my laptop battery holds.

I recently received a kind e-mail from an American writer and photographer named Michael who lived in Japan for a number of years and describes himself as "more of a wanderer than someone with roots."

Michael's short poems, Zen observations and perceptive photo portraits are made all the more poignant by his ongoing struggle with cancer, a diagnosis which permanently changed his perspective "on everything."

I really enjoyed scrolling through Michael's blog, which he publishes at Do check it out if you have the time - or even if you don't; Michael's best posts are often short and sweet, like the following haiku entitled "STORM":

Air still as a tomb
Thunderclaps move like footfalls
toward my shaking house

Again, that link is


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