Thursday, July 05, 2007

You Sabai Cooking School

You Sabai cooking school is on a hill-top overlooking a village adjacent to the steep green mountains of a National Park in Northern Thailand. Yao and Krit, the Thai couple who founded You Sabai last year, are wonderful hosts, and Pun Pun organic farm is just down the path through an orange orchard.

Meals at You Sabai were a highlight of the month I spent living in Mae Jo village outside Chiang Mai. When I wrote a Secret Destination article about the organic eductation centers in Mae Jo for, I did so with the hope that more engaged and considerate travelers would make it to You Sabai for a taste of Yao's mango sticky rice and pineapple flavored curry.

Last week, things worked out for Ross and Ben, the founders of Matador, to meet Yao and Krit at their new restaurant in Chiang Mai and drive the 40 miles North to eat at You Sabai. Of course Ross and Ben had a blast. Ross's blog about the experience is at this link:

"I am as carnivorous as they come, so if you hear me give props to vegetarian restaurant, you know it’s good."

For anyone who missed my article on the organic farms, natural building centers and sustainability villages in Mae Jo, it's at the link below.

"From the Ground Up: Planting Seeds in Northern Thailand"

Here is the link to You Sabai - definitely have a look if you'll be in SE Asia, want to get off the beaten path and are thinking about taking a short cooking course.

You Sabai Cooking School and Guesthouse


I'm leaving Boulder, Colorado tomorrow to do some fly-fishing up in the high country, on Monday I leave for Montana to check out some buffalo and I just scored press-passes to "The Daddy of 'Em All."

Yee-haw, livin' on a pray-aaaaaarrrr!

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