Thursday, January 24, 2008

Peter Delevett Is Walking On The Moon

Wonder of wonders, I've got a new link up in the sidebar. Maybe that's a first step to tackling the project of moving my blog and homepage to a new wordpress platform...time will tell.

Anyway, I've just discovered a travel writer with an excellent ear for language and a wealth of stories to tell. Peter Delevett "lit out for the world’s flip-side with a broken heart and a bulging pack" a few years ago and is working on distilling his round-the-world journey into a book-length travelogue.

Check out these excerpts:

"We are at Tokyo Disneyland when I drop acid for the first time. I start to feel it at the border of Fantasyland and Tomorrowland."

"Eyes embarrassed behind his glasses, he reaches into a briefcase and hands me what I can tell is a prized possession: a glossy color photo of a .357 Magnum, cut out of some gun enthusiast's magazine. The picture is as lavishly shot as any pornography, light dripping off the long black barrel. While I stare at this, not sure what to feel, the Chinese kid says to me the only English words I've heard from him or his friends: "America," he says, pointing to the gun. "Very beautiful."


I first became aware of Peter's writing by reading "The (Full Moon) Party's Over", his excellent dispatch at

For more of Peter's writing, check out his homepage:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter just wrote an awesome article on Hong Kong for an online magazine....

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