Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A little help...

In the few months since I signed on as contributing editor at the online travel magazine BraveNewTraveler.com, editor in chief Ian MacKenzie and I have published dozens of essays on authentic travel and built BNT into the most popular non-corporate travel magazine on the web.

Like all magazines, a key measure of our success is the number of people who subscribe to our content. Right now we have about 950 subscribers - but we're aiming for 1,000 and are launching a campaign to get there.

If we reach 1,000 subscribers by the end of February, editor in chief Ian MacKenzie will celebrate by taking 3 shots of whiskey in quick succesion, I will strip naked and jump in a river and our advertising manager, Laura, will do some crazy karate moves. All celebrations will be posted on the website, so if you want to see me naked, please help us hit the magic 1,000 mark.

Subscribing to BNT is free, and can work two ways. You can subscribe to our newsletter and get a weekly roundup of our travel articles, or you can add a little BNT window to your homepage through an RSS feed. Trust me, it's easy, and we won't spam you.

Help us hit 1,000 by clicking here! Thanks so much.



Blogger JDA said...

So... if we don't want to see you naked, we shouldn't subscribe?

My mom saw the pictures from the trip, and sent me an email that said "nudes nudes nudes!" At least I removed the more incriminating photos...

10:24 AM  

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