Friday, January 04, 2008

Alone On The Patagonian Coast

Last night the 9 hour bus across the Patagonian steppe dropped me off at Puerto San Julian at 2 in the morning. The town is an industrial port city without much industry, laid out on a grid by the brown and barren shore. I lugged my rucksack through the streets, past a memorial to the Malvinas (Falklands) islands war and by a shuttered clothing store called ´Runaway´.

Eventually I found a campsite, and slept until 11.

Now I´m in town, at an Internet cafe. Obama won Iowa I see - that´s wonderful, I hope he can maintain the momentum.

I hope I can maintain the momentum too, at least a little while longer. I should be finished with the guidebook work in a week or so, and then plan to head North, out of the wind, to a farming valley called El Bolson.

5 of my best friends from Williams were down here visiting the last 2 weeks - wonderful times together, but now it´s lonely again.

I´ve got a new article up at BNT, about hitch-hiking.

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