Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travel Wisdom From Alvaro, Colombian Cyclist Exraordinaire

Today's article at BNT is a collection of wisdom from Alvaro, the Colombian cyclist who I met in El Bolson.

Alvaro and I worked on the article together, a slow process of translation and distilling meaning.

I love the result, and I think you will to.

Read "Colombia To Patagonia"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey tim! it's me, luz. I miss you all so much... We have just arrived in buenos aires and it SUCKS!!!! i hate it, i really do. But i hope u have a nice time here and to meet you soon.

Alvaro was such a nice person, and so brave..jaja i couldn't believe what he 's done. you missed him fishing in el cajon...with a stick like a cave man!!!

write soon!!

kisses from the girls!

11:59 AM  

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