Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Marriage! She Said Yes!

Big news!

For the first time, I tell the story of my marriage proposal. The story is part of an interview I did for a Kiwi blogger, part of a travel writer interview series that also includes Q&As with Rolf Potts and Joshua Berman.

Here's an excerpt:


As a writer and traveler, what are the biggest challenges you face on the road ?


I was thinking about this question for a little while...and realized that my biggest challenge so far hasn't been on the road - it's been coming home. When I'm traveling, even when I find myself in a pickle - like the time Ryan and I ran out of water and food on a wild Cambodian island and were menaced by men with hatchets and AK-47 rifles - it's all part of the adventure. Strange as it may seem, the toughest part is being home, seeing my family, hanging out with old friends and wondering what the heck I'm doing with my life.

I can hike 5 miles through the jungle on a pack of ramen and some coconut milk, but I can't pet my cat without wondering if I should settle down and plant a garden and go to law school. Funny, isn't it. On the road, I'm just on the damn road, and life is wonderful.

For the whole interview, and the story of my marriage proposal, click here :)

Ring Photo by firemedic58 via Flickr (Creative Commons)



Blogger Mouse said...

"My favorite place is on the edge of a cliff, at sunset, or sunrise, with someone I love"

I like that very much

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