Tuesday, August 14, 2007

NEW! Tales From the Road - Special Argentina Edition

My latest round-up of great travel stories is up at Bravenewtraveler.com. This week, Tales From the Road arrives with a twist - each of the 5 stories I chose is about Argentina. Why Argentina you ask?

(drum-roll please...)


I'm moving to Patagonia!

On November 25th I'll fly down to Buenos Aires, and after a few weeks exploring the "Paris of the South" I'm planning to take a bus West to the Andes and rent a cabin in the valley of El Bolson. El Bolson (which means "the sack" in English) is one of the most fertile valleys in Argentina and the rivers that flow down from the peaks are full of trophy rainbow trout. I'm hoping to rent a cabin by one of those rivers, learn some Spanish, catch some fish, climb some mountains and do a lot of writing.

Learning the tango is an option too - but that might be beyond my ability.

If any readers have been to Argentina and can give me advice, please leave a comment below.


(photo of Cerro Torre by Flickmor via Flickr

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Blogger Michael said...

I can't offer any advice, but I can express my envy. It's great traveling vicariously with you, Tim, until such time as my life circumstances will allow for my own adventures on the road. All the very best.

May the road rise with you.

12:23 PM  
Blogger Preston said...

i'll come to argentina. nearly three weeks of vacation time accrued now... :)

6:16 PM  
Blogger Mouse said...

What was it that Thoreau said about travel? That a man will save his money for years to pay for a trip when he could simply set off walking tomorrow and get there sooner?

11:54 AM  

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