Monday, August 06, 2007 is a brand new online media outlet geared to outdoor enthusiasts with broadband Internet access.

The site features a wealth of streaming content with a focus on the kind of fishing and hunting TV programs I used to love when I was 12. Even though most of the features are fishing and hunting related, this blog was included in a section marked "camping". I found a bunch of other great blogs in the directory, including Dharma Bums and Fly Fish Yellowstone.

Since my blog was included in the listings, I get a free hat! Score!

Here's the press release: to offer 24/7 outdoor programming for avid outdoorsmen

Franklin, Tenn. (June 16, 2006) — Outdoorsmen will have free access to a one-stop, 24/7 Web TV channel when launches in July as a complete source for premium programming accessible the year-round, anytime on the Internet. ( launches July 20 as a 24/7 broadband channel that streams a continuous block of outdoor programming, offers a video-on-demand archive with 30-minute television shows, product demo videos from leading outdoor manufacturers, and downloadable outdoor radio shows.

“Outdoorsmen have grown frustrated in recent years as their favorite traditional shows have either gone off air or play when they are outdoors fishing, hunting, and traveling,” notes David Hall, an executive for the new online channel. “Now, they have an alternative. is on the air whenever they choose, twenty-four hours a day. Outdoorsmen can now watch favorite shows on their schedule.”

“The inability to find and watch top quality outdoor programming on TV has spread to the Internet,” adds co-founder Chris Moise. “At best, outdoorsmen are forced to surf the Web, only to find programs scattered among many different sites. Or worse, the content is embedded inside layers of Web pages and at a cost to subscribe in order to view the shows.”

He continued, “Until now, there has been no single Web site that offers all of the programming in one, convenient place and all of it for free at the click of a computer mouse.”

“ will be the largest provider of ‘cable’ quality programming on the Internet,” added Moise. “When we launch, will be the largest video provider of outdoor programming on the Internet.”

More than two dozen outdoor programs will back Moise’s claim. The lineup thus far includes “Bill Dance Outdoors,” “Mark Sosin’s Saltwater Journal,” “North American Hunter,” “North American Fisherman,” “Fishing with Roland Martin”, “Shooting USA”, “Angling Edge with Al Lindner”, “Scott Martin Challenge,” and “Shotgun Journal.” will also become a primary source for viewing cutting edge product demonstrations from leading manufacturers of top quality outdoor gear, including fishing tackle, firearms and hunting gear, and boats and marine accessories.

“As the name implies, we want to offer a personal connection, a sense of belonging to a community,” says Dave Barton of the management team. “We’ll offer a video blog with user-generated videos, a photo gallery, hunting and fishing reports and message boards.” is an Internet-based, community-oriented television network targeting outdoor enthusiasts. The channel will be devoted to fishing, hunting, boating, camping, hiking and travel. The senior management includes David Hall, co-founder of TNN (The Nashville Network); Chris Moise, a former TNN and Gaylord Entertainment cable executive, and Dave Barton, a former TNN executive who oversaw the network’s award-winning outdoor block, TNN Outdoors.



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