Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Frustrated? Pack Bags and Head to the Mountains

Thunderstorms whip rain against the windowpane as I type in my Vermont living room. The weather matches my mood.

The best article I've ever written is called "The Flaming City, The Golden City." It's about Luang Prabang, the ancient royal capital of Laos.

So why no link? Well, because it's not published yet. I've spent months working with John Flinn, the excellent travel editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, and finally finished the last set of edits today. I was just about to send it when Mr. Flinn e-mailed me.

Seems there has been some fighting in Laos, and with the U.S. Embassy issuing travel warnings, the Chronicle wants to hold off on publishing for another month or two.


Two other articles on Cambodia - "Cambodia's Undiscovered Islands" and "Mango Village Brother Island" remain unpublished, although the former piece will be out soon when Get Lost magazine hits newstands.

So what am I doing?

Tomorrow, bright and early, I'm jumping on my bike and riding to New Hampshire. I'll climb up into the Presidential Range and think about things for a while. Then I'll climb down, ride my bike home and start writing again.


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