Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Swimming Upstream (More Truth)

It's an absolutely gorgeous spring day here in Kingdom Country - buds popping, birds singing, frogs humping frantically in the pond.

Josh Kearns just wrote a piece called The Crisis of Too Much Energy that will spin your head. Here's an excerpt:

"All you need to understand is that the real energy crisis is that we have too much energy. The way politicians, the media, corporations, economists, etc. make it sound you’d think we don’t have enough now, and that we’re really anxious about the future when our energy needs will be even greater because of population growth and economic expansion and stuff like that. But this is a just a good test for my rule of thumb about reality: whatever they’re saying on the TV news – on Fox, on CNN, etc. – is probably just about the opposite of reality. I mean if you watch the news and play a game of “opposite day,” like we did in third grade, then you will have a better idea of reality more than fifty percent of the time."

Click here to read more. It's the best thing I've read all week. And when you're done with the article, scroll on down for sweet pics from the Himalayas.



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