Friday, December 16, 2005

The Things I'll Carry

I may be alone in the belief that packing lists make for fascinating reading (see Thoreau's Walden and Steinbeck/Ricketts' Log From the Sea of Cortez), but if anyone out there agrees, here is what I have packed for 3 days in Taiwan and 3 weeks in Cambodia:

2 T-Shirts, one yellow, one purple
2 button down long sleeve light-weight shirts, one gray one blue
1 short sleeve button down, blue
1 lightweight synthetic pair of pants
1 cotton black pants
1 lightweight fleece
1 small digital camera
1 bathing suit
1 pair of khaki shorts
1 small white towel
1 metal water bottle
3 Powerbars
1 toothbrush
1 deodorant
1 floss
1 pair of glasses
1 book (The Portable Beat Reader)
1 upset stomach medicine
1 small bug repellant (100% DEET)
1 Passport, Gaijin Card, Air Tickets and Copies of Same
1 Emergency Info List for Tyler to carry
1 Baseball Hat
3 Pairs of Boxers
2 Pairs of Socks
1 Pair of Sandals
$ 300 in small bills, $ 300 in hundreds and $ 500 in traveler's check
1 Credit Card
1 Travel Case
1 Marker
1 Copy of info about our hostel in Taipei

All of this fits in a small REI backpack, the size high-school students use, and weighs about 3 kilograms.


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