Thursday, March 22, 2007

Josh Kearns is Freakin' Awesome

The land Ryan owns in Northern Thailand is adjacent to an inspiring little community called Pun Pun. Each year Pun Pun hosts an internship on earthen building, organic farming and sustainability. One of the interns this year is a guy by the name of Josh Kearns, a renegade chemist and freelance ecological economist with a twangin' sense of humor.

Josh is, no joke, one of the most intelligent people I've had the privilege of meeting, and he's not shy about letting you know exactly what he thinks. He's a man on a mission, a one man dervish spitting out truth and bluegrass. Josh is Wal Mart's worst nightmare, and he can tell you exactly why Milton Friedman is full of shit.

Check out Josh's blog - He's a little more subdued online than in real life, but his blog reads smooth and is full of cracking photos.

I'll say it own more time - Josh Kearns is freakin' awesome.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, his ego is big enough already! no need to feed the fire. but agreed, I like josh too.


4:10 AM  

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