Friday, February 16, 2007

Free Wireless Internet in Siem Reap Cambodia

Here are three places with free wireless in Siem Reap.

- Two Dragons Guesthouse - clean but slightly pricey rooms with a tasty but slightly pricey restaurant. Just off Wat Bo road next to Home Sweet Home Guesthouse. Two Dragons is run by Gordon, the mastermind of

- The Singing Tree Cafe - a community center and family friendly garden restaurant, also just off Wat Bo one block up from the Butterfly Garden. The Singing Tree has yoga and meditation workshops, great healthy food and a lounge upstairs with 55 pillows and a whole library of intriguing movies - lots of documentaries. But the wireless didn't work for me yesterday.

- The Blue Pumpkin - White walls, white cushions, white chairs, white tables, white flowers in white vases on the white tables - the Blue Pumpkin wouldn't be out of place in Miami or Milan. The food is wicked expensive but pretty tasty and there are plenty of outlets for your computer. Find the Pumpkin downtown near the Old Market.



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