Friday, September 22, 2006

Location Update

I feel as if I can barely keep track of where I am these days let alone write about recent travels, but friends can rest assured that I survived my solo bike trip stealth camping throgh New Hampshire and up the coast of Maine. At the moment I'm visiting family in Connecticut and will venture into the big scary gleaming mess of New York City on Sunday.

Highlights from the trip include -

purchasing a sheep-skin cover for my bike seat (prostate oozes relief)

a deep conversation with a Hell's Angel about Ghost Hunting

eating the nutrition label right off a can of baked beans cooked in the dark over a campfire

homemade blackberry pie on the fishing pier of a little village on Penobscot Bay

mistaking a line of underwear for prayer flags and thereby deeply embarrassing and confusing a homeless family

lobster and mussels for dinner with a Jew-Buddha brewer of bear from Bar Harbor whose three pigs are named Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

more to come ----


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