Sunday, August 27, 2006

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おひさしぶり。 Long time no write. I'm a world away from where I was, back in Vermont, watching the rain come down and getting up now and then to put another log on the fire. There are still mountains in Hokkaido to climb, rivers to wade and fish to catch, but it will be a few years until I'm there again. Two years on a relatively small island was barely enough time to get to know the landscape, let alone explore it to my heart's content. This is a great big world, and there are so many places to go and see. It can be frustrating to realize that I'll never get everywhere I want to go, but I'm going to give it my best shot. If one really could see it all, well, life would be a lot less interesting now, wouldn't it.

Home with family is always a good place to be. My dog is still alive, 16 years old now, deaf and blind, I carry her up to bed at night. My parents are too busy, but happy and healthy. Dad and I go on morning bike rides that end with a swim at the pond and yoga on the dock. Mom walks up to the post office to get the mail, training for our treks in Bhutan.

Vermont is a wonderful corner of the earth. This is an intimate landscape, villages folded into valleys under worn down peaks, forests grown out of old sheep farms with crumbling stone walls. The Green Mountain state is not an untouched wilderness, but it's a natural place nonetheless, not yet overwhelmed, where people are part of the ecology and appreciate the land. I find it so refreshing to live amongst individuals who take the time to understand the world we live in, and whose values reflect a welcome sense of intelligent proportion. People like Pete Johnson, the farmer down the road who started selling salad greens from his garden after graduating from college and now employs 15 like minded souls who run a community supported agriculture program, delivering locally grown organic vegetables, fresh loaves of bread and artisanal cheeses to families every week. I think that's just awesome.

Thanks to the folks who commented and e-mailed while I was MIA over the last few months. I'm lazy. I usually quit when the going gets tough. I won't write all the time and what I write won't always be interesting. But check in from time to time if you feel like it. There might be something worth reading.


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