Monday, September 19, 2011

Brooklyn Goat Roast

Last spring, I traveled to New York with 12 goats and 12 students from Sterling College. The trip culminated in a goat roast at my friend Nick's place in Park Slope. Another friend, Darrin Duford, attended the Brooklyn Goat Roast and wrote a piece about it for Matador. Good times.

With a beer in hand, Tim gestured to the temperature gauge on top of the grill. “220 degrees. Right between ‘smoke’ and ‘barbecue.’ That’s about where it should be.” That was where it stayed for eight hours.

Full Article: Roast a Goat, Support a Farm



Anonymous Shenandoah Bed and Breakfast said...

Wow, I read the whole article and find it interesting especially how they roast the goat and enjoy the party.

12:28 AM  

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