Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Vermont's Healthy Economy

Even in the midst of the market meltdown, the economy in my corner of rural Vermont is healthier than its been at any point in my lifetime.

It's not just the new jobs, the thriving young companies, the reenergized downtowns or the university partnerships. The economy is healthy in a way more profound than economic statistics alone can quantify.

Because the main growth industry is small-scale organic agriculture, my family and neighbors have access to nutritious, tasty and relatively inexpensive produce. This helps keep healthcare costs down and protects the scenic farming landscape that draws tourist dollars.

Even more importantly, the small-scale enterprises depend on cooperation. The sense of community involvement - always strong in Vermont - is off the charts and growing stronger every day. People work together, eat together and help each other out in hard times. There's a vibrancy and neighborliness that transcends socio-economic and political divisions.

Today the New York Times, otherwise drowning in agonized economic doom and gloom, published a glowing feature on my hometown's economic resurgence. It's an important and inspiring article - please take a moment to read it.

Uniting Around Food To Save An Ailing Town



Blogger JDA said...

So the fundamentals of Vermont's economy are strong?

Makes sense - Vermont's economic fortunes are probably more unconnected with the financial markets than any other state's.

9:56 AM  

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