Sunday, October 05, 2008

Juiced On Odwalla

In the past few weeks the word "juice" seems to have taken on new meaning. Did you know that if you're excited about something these days, you're juiced? As in, "I'm really juiced for Brave New Traveler's two year anniversary party".

Juice can also mean something akin to thoroughness. This makes sense, in a 'squeeze the last drop' sort of way: "I worked until midnight to really juice the article."

Juice has new meaning at Matador these days because we're juiced to launch a partnership with Odwalla, makers of healthy and delicious juice. Bear with me a moment, because I'd really like to get your thoughts on this venture.

Yesterday we published a profile of Odwalla over at I've been drinking Odwalla since college, when Super Food was my daily treat during exams. My mom loves the stuff too - especially Mango Tango.

I always loved the juice, but never really thought about the company that makes it. Turns out, Odwalla is a stand-up organization, a socially responsible company doing good work in an industry that all too often relies on pesticides and low-paid migrant labor.

At Matador, we've been looking for ways to pay our talented writers more than $25 per article while growing the community. We love our jobs, but some of us are married and one of us has an adorable little girl, and all of us have bills to pay.

How to make money without sacrificing our values, or pissing off community members with too much advertising?

The answer, I think, is to pursue wholesome relationships with companies that we truly respect, and whose products we feel good about endorsing.

Please, take a moment to check out our profile of Odwalla, and tell me what you think. Is this sort of sponsorship cool with you guys? Do you have other ideas?

And what's your favorite Odwalla?

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Blogger George said...

just so you're aware.

5:55 PM  
Anonymous voralak said...

Isn't Odwalla owned by the Coca-Cola Company though? Or do they operate autonomously?

I drank Fresh Samantha juices in college; my favorite was the Soy Smoothie. Odwalla bought and phased out FS, and the soy smoothies have never been the same since... sniff.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

let's run through a few facts, all mentioned in the article george linked to.

coke owns odwalla.

odwalla's packaging doesn't call attention to its parent brand.

coke has a terrible reputation among environmentalists et. al. coke is cashing in on a subsidiary that is presented to the consuming public as an independent, environmentally friendly enterprise.

and matador's hands are quite dirty as soon as they accept advertising dollars from coke (odwalla).

i'm not saying there are purely "green" dollars to be had from advertising relationships, but let's be honest about the system.

5:03 PM  

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