Sunday, November 18, 2007

Interview / Manifesto

I'm busy tying up loose ends before heading to Patagonia next week, but wanted to post two links before I leave.

Link number one will take you to my first audio interview, with Craig Martin of the awesome Indie Travel Podcast. Craig and I talk about the benefits of taking risks while traveling, getting outside your comfort zone and trying to speak some of the local language.

The second link is to my "Manifesto" - an essay that poured out of me late one night and was just published on In 2 days over 6,000 people read this piece and left over two dozen comments - a real outpouring of support that has truly touched me.

Here's the beginning of the essay...

Today I ended my hypocrisy. Today I made a step towards moral and existential sanity. Today I stopped supporting a malevolent, inhuman and amoral force.

Today I sold my stock in multinational corporations.

Read more!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tim that was so good I'm going to go back and read the whole thing again, slowly. I only wish every one who went to SEA had thier eyes wide open also.


9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tim,

I just read your 'manifesto' - seems appropriate considering today is Buy Nothing Day.

Your thoughts and words are very genuine and seem to resonate with so many - you've generated quite a response. These are topics I have thought about a lot (I used to work at an investment firm and now I work at a store that sells organic diapers and fair trade soap...) I totally agree with the girl who said simplicity is the key - and I totally I agree with you that it might be radical change that needs to take place. But, was being at Pun Pun really that radical? I've had so many times when I felt that choosing that lifestyle would be some sort of crazy decision. I think it's important for me to remember the uncomplicated and complete happiness that I felt at Pun Pun. That happiness was so real and so natural, and yet, based on so little (materially).

Winter is in full swing here in Toronto (and so is my nostalgia for Thailand).
I wish you the best of luck in South America. Stay wonderful.


1:20 AM  
Blogger Beyond the Garden Cafe said...

Good evening Tim,
Just found your blog! I've started reading, but you're a prolific writer, so i imagine it will take me some time. So far, i love it...
I'm sorry we didn't see you again at the cafe before you left. Warm wishes for all your travels...

11:33 PM  

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