Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Traveler's Notebook: Destination Guides From Matador

The fine folks at Matador Travel have launched a new travel website that features insider guides by members of the Matador community.

It's called The Traveler's Notebook, and although right now content is a little sparse, the guides and articles that are already up bode well for the future.

Each guide features travel tips that are useful, to-the-point and tailored to the needs of independent, engaged, eco-conscious travelers.

I'm proud to say that my Quick Guide to Bhutan was the first destination guide featured at the notebook.

The most recent guide, a Green Guide to Molokai, is both concise and informative, striking the perfect balance between good writing and good advice.

I'm looking forward to contributing to The Traveler's Notebook from here on out, and helping it grow into one of the best spots for travel advice on the web.


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