Sunday, December 17, 2006

Royal Surprise in Bhutan

The King of Bhutan unexpectedly stepped down yesterday, enthroning his first born son in a transition that had been scheduled for 2008. Both father and son are beloved in their Kingdom, and the former Crown Prince has won many admirers abroad, especially here in Thailand. All signs point to a glorious future for the handsome new monarch, but it’s terribly sad to see his father abdicate. The former King was a wise and modest leader. His son has large shoes to fill.

See my Guide to Bhutan for more on the Bhutanese royal family (click on the link to the right underneath my picture).

Incidentally, as the editor STILL hasn’t gotten around to posting my Bhutan Guide, the information about the King and the transition of power to the Crown Prince is out of date before it even gets published. The frustrations of a travel writer….



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