Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Clothes of a Terrible Frill

Grading homework is a tedious responsiblity, but sometimes the answers my students come up with make me laugh out loud. My favorites often unwittingly include double entendres, such as the common "I want to go to Tokyo/Okinawa/America to trip," but the very best in unintentional comedy comes from answers that are only vaguely recognizeable as English but nonetheless seem open to the kind of poetic interpretation an English major might use to fill 6-8 pages on a "just one hit because I have a paper to write" night.

Check out this dandy courtesy of Rika Konno, 13 years old:

Assignment: Keep an English diary over the summer holiday.

1st day: August 5th

I went to Sapporo today.
Though it was a weekday, a lot of people were surprised
to be you. But after all the parson who came with clothes
of a terrible frill is to have been what I was surprised at most.
After all when Sapporo was terrible, I realized it.

2nd day: August 10th

It was terrifically hot today.
Is hot tomorrow too??
But is there no help for it because, oh, it is hot
in the summer

3rd day: August 15th

I ate rolling by hand sushi today. I was terrifically delicious.
Because I am delicious and I am delicious and ate too much,
a stomach is very full.
Terrifically but happy.

Comments/interpretations welcome. I gave Rika an A+.


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