Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Planning a hiking trip...


It seems to be fine, and it is from what.
My work is decided for each four week. My summer vacation is August 2 from July 29.
How is it though I think that it will climb "rausu-dake" of Shiretoko and "syari-dake"
I want to leave on July 29. Tell a reason.
Confer for the mark as well.
It is waiting for the answer.
see you soon.


A schedule was mistaken.
Departure on July 29. It climbs "rausu-dake" for thirty days.
Then, it climbs "shari-dake" on the 31st. But, this may be stopped because there is severe climbing a mountain in  the previous day.
Then, it will come back on August 1. Therefore, if 31 days are stopped, it comes back on the 31st.
It will be guided to all with this schedule.

      Then, again

      From Watanabe

It came back from the conference.
Are Nick, Mark and Ryan all right for the member who participates?
As for Shiretoko, tourists increase with a world heritage designation. It may come to camp. I take a tent.
Are there any sleeping bags? It prepares over here if it is not here. Tell me.
Departure schedules about 9 a.m. on the 29th.
And, it calls later.

see you


It found out. Ms. "akemi-san" goes, too.
Make contact with Mark. As for the sleeping bag as well, listen. I have it if it is not here.
Food in climbing a mountain is bought in the store of on the way.
 The special belongings aren't needed because it has those dinners in the restaurant.
I think both time and start equipment to want to simplify it as much as possible because it increases when all is prepared.
You must surely have rainwear and a canteen.

Then, in Friday morning see you.

From Watanabe


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