Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Renting My Apartment

The upstairs of my house is almost finished, and I'm going to rent my downstairs studio apartment once I move upstairs. It will probably make the most financial sense to rent by the weekend or week, but I may rent by the month if I can find the right tenant.

Anyhow, I whipped up a blog for the house: Craftsbury House Rental

Photos coming soon!



Blogger Derland said...

Seu blog e excelente, seus textos também são ótimos, vou tentar me inspirar no seu blog para melhorar o meu, se quiser depois e só da uma olhada o link ta logo a baixo: http://derlandreflexivo.blogspot.com/

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Christian Traughber said...

Good idea. If you have too much space in your house, then it's makes sense to let someone rent a room or two. You'll have extra income and you may even make some new friends, hehe.

9:40 AM  

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