Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Sleeping in the Gutters is the collected wisdom of Muff Richardson, an alcoholic Scotsman who has lived in Japan since 1990 during which time he has taken several trips to Southeast Asia, for reasons of health. You can contact the author at All comments and queries are welcome, but he especially hopes to hear from "any birds that's not too particular like." Finally, please remember that any opinions and vulgarities in "Sleeping in the Gutters" do not necessarily reflect my own views.

Introducing Sleeping in the Gutters
How I met Muff

Shimura Cleaning Being a Scotsman, I took a pair of ancient forlorn summer sandals with the left sole hanging off to the local "Mister Minute" shoe-fixer place inside our goodly neigbourhood depaato on Saturday, only to find that the cobbler's in question has recently gone arse-upwards and closed down with a frozen f*cking yoghurt and crepe emporium standing proudly in its stead...

Asahi Gold Being a lovely long weekend, it was a boozy one at Richardson Towers. Festering atop my solo bean bag all day Sunday with only a dozen 500 ml tins of beer for company (that's 500ml, trivia fans: I do not lend my lips to less) I greatly enjoyed the new television commercial for Asahi Gold beer...


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