Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Introducing a few more links...

I've come across a couple excellent websites today. First off is the blog of a woman living in Siam Reap, Cambodia where she does a bit of writing, a bit of art, a bit of volunteer work and a lot of travel. Check out her piece on riding the train from Phnom Penh to Battambang.

I found the previous site through Carl Parkes, aka "Frisko Dude," a stock broker turned travel writer who pumps out a steady stream of biting, witty and throught provoking pieces at his blog Travelwriters. I especially liked his piece "The New York Times Take on Cambodia". The NYT is a great paper, and I especially admire the writing of Nick Kristof, but any form of media that calls $200 a day LOW budget deserves to be ridiculed. Sorry Mom.

Check out this excerpt from Parkes' article:

"Are you an aspiring travel writer, looking for inspiration and good instructions on the art and craft of the genre? Then run, run, run from anything ever published by the New York Times. Don't believe me? In one of the most arrogant, misguided, self-centered, and off balance travel articles of the year, the NYT wants you to see Cambodia as an ultra-rich tourist, just so you can avoid the realities and wonders of this marvelous country. The attitude is sheer stupidity, overlaid with smug satisfaction that you will be protected by your wealth and never subjected to the long and torturous history of the country, not to mention its perilous present."

Yup. Here's the link
to the original article.

I can feel a rant of my own coming on, but let's save it for another day. Check out those sites.


Blogger friskodude said...


Thanks for your comment on my travelwriters blog. I then checked out your article on King's Island, which was just excellent. Now, that's travel at it's best! I also have a blog about SE Asia, in case you haven't found it:

Ain't blogging wonderful?

Good luck with the Readers Contest over at Tales of Asia. I just wish you had somehow included some photos of King's Island. Got any?

Carl Parkes

1:06 PM  

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